We Help Build Businesses® by forming long-standing relationships with our clients and tailoring our services, costs and fee structure to each client’s unique business needs and objectives. Our team of lawyers, most of whom have practiced at larger law firms, is dedicated to helping clients build their businesses with the efficiencies and flexibility of a non-traditional, business law firm. Our senior attorneys have between 20 and 30 years of business law experience, each representing new and established businesses of all sizes, privately-owned and publicly-held.

Your Business Law Firm

CCG represents businesses through every stage of their life cycle. It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small. It doesn’t matter whether you need a business lawyer on a project-by-project basis or on a more regular basis as your General Counsel. Our engagement will be suited to your needs and your budget.

Law Department Efficiency. Law Firm Independence.®

It is an option for a large business to establish an in-house legal department as a potential cost-effective alternative to utilizing outside law firms. CCG affords that same opportunity to smaller businesses by providing clients with access to a team of experienced business lawyers, but under a more flexible, variable-cost structure than an in-house legal department. In addition to the efficiencies of an in-house legal department, CCG provides clients with the benefits of our lawyers’ diverse experiences and their independent judgment. We help growing businesses address their legal needs with the best blend of legal department and outside law firm attributes.

Predictable Pricing™: Our Non-Traditional Fee Structure

CCG is a business too and we understand the importance of managing costs to budget. We understand client concerns with legal fees based on the professional time spent on a project, so we offer fixed-pricing alternatives to traditional hourly billing. This might be non-traditional, but CCG isn’t a traditional business law firm.

Where fixed pricing isn’t practical for a project, or where our client prefers an hourly pricing model, we offer competitive rates and emphasize frequent communication about costs and cost-saving options throughout the project.

Whatever the case, we tailor our fee structure to each client’s unique business needs and objectives.