Intellectual Property Management

Trademark Regrets. Could Have – Would Have – Should Have.

You picked out a name for your new product or service.  Perhaps a marketing firm helped you.  You’ve been using the new name internally and everyone has gotten attached to it.  There is still a lot to do to get the product or service to market, but the excitement about the opportunity is high.  Maybe…

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Quick and Easy Copyright Infringement Risk Management

One of our biggest challenges is encouraging our smaller clients to incur some expense – legal or administrative – to address what we refer to as the Legal Essentials™.  “Compliance and Risk Management” is one of the topics that we emphasize and one of our prior articles discusses enterprise risk management for smaller businesses. So,…

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Recognizing Trademark Scams

If you are the listed owner or legal contact of a trademark application or registration, chances are you’ve received unsolicited correspondence about your trademark.  These communications may offer to assist with an upcoming filing deadline, propose to include your mark on a registry, or ask you to wire money to maintain your trademark. Most of…

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Planning for Your New Trademark

Most businesses know the value of filing an “intent to use” federal trademark application for a planned trademark.  In doing so, it is important to consider how a mark will be used – whether it will be applied to goods (tangible products) or used in connection with services – before preparing a trademark or service…

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Defending Trade Secrets

Congress recently enacted a new law designed to give additional protection to trade secrets and other confidential information maintained by businesses.  The “Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016” (DTSA) creates a federal cause of action for trade secret misappropriation and provides additional remedies for employers. Historically, trade secret law has been enforced in state courts,…

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Protect Your Trademarks with an Established Monitoring Procedure

Most businesses recognize the importance of protecting their trademarks. But often that protection effort stops with obtaining federal trademark registrations. Many trademark owners fail to establish a process for identifying infringing uses of their trademarks by third parties. If a process like this is not in place, and the trademark owner waits until it is…

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