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CCG provides strategic legal input as outside general counsel as well as the day-to-day legal services essential to every business (the Legal Essentials):

List - Green 2

Compliance and Risk Management: Collaborate with management and advisors to identify risks and steps to take to address those risks.

Folder Exchange - Blue 2

Contract Negotiation and Management: Develop a process and templates for streamlined contract preparation, negotiation, and mangaement.

Gavel - Red 2

Dispute and Litigation Management: Coordinate litigation efforts with the business and outside litigation counsel and connect findings to risk management processes.

Capitol - Orange 2

Governance and Corporate Secretary: Counsel businesses and boards on a variety of governance and entity maintenance topics.

People - Grey 2

Human Resources and Employee Benefits:  Assist with compliance programs, policies, handbooks, and employment-related contracts.

Brain - Yellow 2

Intellectual Property Management:  Advise on the trademark registration process and other intellectual property protection strategies.

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